Warburton expects Brentford progress to continue

Mark Warburton will not be in charge of Brentford next season, but he is confident the club will continue to progress without him.

Despite leading the Bees to the Championship last season and pushing a promotion bid this term, it was confirmed on Tuesday that Warburton’s contract would not be renewed during the summer. A statement from the club revealed that the 52-year-old, along with assistant David Weir, will depart Griffin Park, due to a clash of philosophies with chairman Matthew Benham.

Whilst many could understand it if Warburton was bitter about this decision, particularly given his 54 percent win record, he insists he has no problem with Benham who he still considers to be a good friend and who he remains thankful to for giving him the job in the first place. And he even goes as far as to predict Brentford will continue to progress even when he has left the club.

“You have to admire the decision in terms of it being Matthew’s club,” he told Sky Sports News HQ. “He has a philosophy he wants to adopt for the club and I understand that. That’s life. I have a different view in certain areas and there is no doubt about the model we have adopted. I’m disappointed of course there were some differences which we couldn’t reconcile but that’s life and all is well now.

“It’s different philosophies absolutely. There is no doubt about that and that was really clear in the statement yesterday but Matthew and I are good friends and we have known each other for four or five years or more. It’s good to have honest opinions and it’s a shame we couldn’t reconcile one or two but the club is a very strong club and I’m sure it will go forward from here.

“The owner made a very brave call to give me the job in the first place. I was a big risk so I’m very grateful to Matthew and as I said I’m very aware of the significant investment he has made in the club. I’m very proud, but more proud of the team and the character and quality they have shown. They’re a tremendous group of players and staff. I’m delighted with what we did.”

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