Bolton Wanderers can’t afford to impose deadline on £15million-rated Cahill

Owen Coyle has warned potential suitors to make their move for Gary Cahill now, or the player will remain at Bolton Wanderers for the coming season.

Gary CahillSince leaving the Aston Villa bench for a regular place in the starting line-up at the Reebok Stadium, Cahill has established himself as one of the best centre-halves in the Premier League. It is little wonder, then, that the 25-year-old has been linked with a host of rival top-flight clubs in recent times.

Liverpool, who have strengthened their midfield yet little else this summer, are said to be admirers of the player, whilst Harry Redknapp would love to add more stability – Cahill has averaged over thirty league appearances a season during past three years – to his fragile Tottenham Hotspur rearguard. Andre Villas-Boas has revealed he wants to add a British centre-half to his options at Chelsea, and then there is Arsenal, who have long been considered favourites for his signature.

Coyle, though, insists that despite enquiries being made about the thrice-capped England international since the end of last season, Bolton are yet to have received a single bid for his signature. Considering all four of the above clubs would arguably be strengthened by the signing of a player who is yet to reach his peak and has his best years ahead of him, it is a little surprising that at least one hasn’t tested the water with at an opening gambit.

The Lancashire club have now supposedly imposed a deadline, which some reports claim expired at the weekend, for interested parties to get their act together and bid for Cahill or the defender will remain where he is for the coming season. Yet rather than send a warning to those sides that he would then be removed from the shop window, it is more probably a tactic which implies they are now in a position where they simply want to cash in on their prized asset, in the knowledge he is unlikely to agree fresh terms to extend his deal.

Coyle will want to avoid receiving a deadline day offer which can’t be refused, giving him little time to find a suitable replacement. But the problem with threatening to rule out a sale, and it is a sizeable one, is that the former Villa man is now inside the final twelve months of his contract. If it is inconceivable that a club such as Arsenal can take a £20million loss on Samir Nasri, who is in an identical situation at the Emirates Stadium, then how can Bolton write off a potential £15million windfall by pulling down the shop shutters on Cahill?

Maybe Coyle’s warning will do the trick and offers will soon be flooding in. Perhaps it could even spark a bidding war. On the other hand, it could also tell clubs that panic has set in at the Reebok, and this may result in bids being made which fall well short of Bolton’s valuation. One thing is for certain, Phil Gartside and co can’t afford to lose the player for nothing this time next year

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8 thoughts on “Bolton Wanderers can’t afford to impose deadline on £15million-rated Cahill

  1. The integrity of Owen Coyle is not beyond reproach but it’s damn close.
    If, and I find this to be a big “IF”, the manager has indeed imposed a deadline, I for one, would be very surprised to see him turn around and fold.
    Eddie Davis and Phil Gartside will have plenty of input certainly but of his own volition . . . I doubt it.

  2. I do so love arrogant people. Especially one’s whose only reason for being so is that their local football team has more money, fans and better players than the one they are criticising.

    Of course football shouldn’t be fair. Of course we should just bend over backwards and let you have our best players so you can be even better and we worse! Then we can get thrashed by you everytime we play you… what fun!

    Or maybe just maybe . . . some of you would appreciate the competition . . . a level playing field.

    Oh hang on . . . no you wouldn’t be able to write such self centred, arrogant, disresepectful drivel then !

  3. Oh dear, not another deadline imposed as everyone ignored the last one. Cahill has had 1/2 of one good season in the EPL, he was responsible,in part, to the worst FAcup semi final dispaly since 1927. He is further down the England pecking order than Mathew Upson, who Arsenal let go 5 years ago.Bolton have won one game since christmas, not exactly a good CV for a centre half, oh sorry forgot he couldn’t even get in the Aston villa side. So I will PMSL if Arsenal or anyone else for that matter shell out £15 million on him, hes just not worth it. You’d get better value going abroad, but hes english you say, so what he’s rubbish.

  4. Congrats to Bob Stokes for a hilariously misinformed opinion. Clearly evident that you don’t watch him on a weekly basis. The point about Upson is wrong, as is Boltom form after Christmas. His talent is well known – hence the England call ups, the transfer speculation and the high valuation. I can accept that the price may be higher than some may be happy with but the rest of your comments sir are twaddle!

    Now, on your bike little Bobby.

    1. I’m very glad i don’t watch him every week, okay lets back peddle a bit. The only reason Cahill won an england cap was because, Ferdinand, Upson, Jagielka, Terry, Lescott, Richards, Carragher, Dawson and woodgate were unavailable. If he gets another england cap, I’ll show me arse on national TV. You need to take your BWFC specs off, he is at best average, hence Villa letting him go. The kings got no clothes on you will be stuck with him. There’s no point putting another deadline on it as everyone ignored the last one. Bolton are in serious trouble and lacking in firepower. I predict you will be relegated either with or without cahill unless you sign a decent striker quickly.

      1. Oh and another thing, Bolton are that good the youngster from real has turned you down and signed for kettering. Thats right Kettering in the conference, after seeking advice from Christiano Ronaldo who said why sign for a team on the way down, they will not be in the premier league next year, sign for a team on the way up, Kettering it is then :0). Its the cold hard facts that really hurt isn’t it?

  5. What you don’t appear to have noticed Mr Stokes, is that, apart from Richards, Cahill is a minimum of 3 years younger than any of the other centre halves on your list. The only other 3 under the age of 30 are Richards (arrogant, brainless, worse positioning than Titus Shambles himself), Jagielka (injury prone, had a terrible campaign for Everton who’s own fans have been questioning him, far too slow), Joleon Lescott (only made 22 appearances last season, made a career from a decent 6 months at Everton who were paid 22 million… sounds familiar to Cahill eh?).
    If you think you can hold such a massively negative opinion over Cahill after apparently only looking at a table of stats, you sir, are a moron.
    Maybe his positioning is a little off at times but he is a damn site faster, stronger, and more reliable than any other players on the market available for under, say, 18 million pounds.
    You go worry about your own club before you condemn ours to the championship. I suspect I’ll be seeing your arse on the TV quite soon…

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