Clichy has moved to Manchester City to boost his trophy count, not his bank balance

To suggest Gael Clichy’s decision to leave Arsenal for Manchester City simply to boost his bank balance is somewhat wide of the mark.

Gael ClichyClichy has established himself as one of the best left fullbacks in the Premier League since becoming a regular in Arsene Wenger’s back four following the sale of Ashley Cole to Chelsea in the August of 2006. He has played almost 200 times in the top-flight, but he won’t add to this tally in the colours of Arsenal after completing a £7million move to City on Monday.

The 25-year-old had just twelve months left on his contract at the Emirates Stadium, and rather than risk losing him for nothing next year, the Londoners decided to cash in this summer. And cash, some would have you believe, is the reason why the player opted against extending his stay with the Gunners to make the move to the mega-rich Eastlands outfit.

After all, isn’t this the player who once opined that anyone joining City is doing so for this exact reason? Speaking in July 2009, the former Cannes youngster said: “I really believe if you are a player who thinks only about money then you could end up at Manchester City. You have to think if you want to play for a big club or if you want to play for a good club and earn big money.”₁

So, do these quotes have Clichy bang to rights? Not really. Maybe his comments could have struck a note of truth two years ago, but not anymore. City are now seen as contenders for the top honours in the country, will be in the UEFA Champions League group stages next season (something Arsenal can’t guarantee), and are the FA Cup holders – a trophy last won by his former club six years ago.

In reality, there are likely to be at least two more likely reasons for his decision.

Firstly, and most importantly, Clichy must feel he has a better chance of winning trophies at City than he would have had he stayed at Arsenal. Such a statement could have been laughed off a few short years ago, but not now. Roberto Mancini’s squad is arguably stronger than Wenger’s at the moment, and it would take something special for this to change from now until the time the season starts next month. During his time in England he has won one Premier League, an FA Cup, and the Community Shield, and nothing since 2005.

Secondly, many Arsenal fans insist they are not too bothered about his departure, as his performances over the past couple of seasons have been on the wane. If this is the case, then surely that’s another reason why he has decided on a change of clubs? If he too felt his displays have stagnated in recent times, then he will probably be thinking he can reignite his career with another team. Because with Euro 2012 on the horizon, he needs an impressive campaign to stave off the competition from the likes of Patrice Evra, the United fullback, to cement his place in Les Bleus line-up.

Who knows, maybe Clichy will fail to add to his trophy cabinet during his four-year contract at City. Maybe Wenger will make some key additions from now until the end of the transfer window which will finally see Arsenal end their drought. But at the moment he obviously feels the move was one worth making to have a better chance of winning silverware, and it’s hard to argue against such a notion.

9 thoughts on “Clichy has moved to Manchester City to boost his trophy count, not his bank balance

  1. Good article, good player who has gone for the future not just for the money. A great buy for Man City as he is still young and can do really well as a regular with City.

    Don’t worry Mr Wrappers we are going to swap Shay for Nasri !

  2. Sorry your wrong. Clichy left as he was not number going to make the 25 man squad next season. He is not 1st choice any more. He is behind Gibbs. He wants 1st team football in his remaining years. Also the 25 man rule is the reason Arsenal wanted to sell him, & the only reason. He has served the club well. But the 25 man rule means somebody has to be sold, or in the case of younger players let go for free. Arsenal are not going to pay big wages for players not in their 25 man squad. Should Arsenal have sold Gibbs instead? I don’t think so. Theore and a year older& wiser after being at Juv on loan. He is still a Arsenal left back do they need 3 in their 25 man squad? Arsenal would not have let go the three young players they have if the 25 man squad was bigger. All the 25 man squad rule means is more unemployed players. Plus the top teams buying young talented players, at a earlier age so they qualify as home grown in the future. It will never mean more English players playing at the top 4. Look at England ex captain Mark Randell let go on a free.

  3. Good luck to him. He gave Arsenal great service and never spoke bad of the club. He probably left due to a combination of money and ambition. I honestly think his progress has somewhat dipped and probably won’t progress much further. So good luck to him.

  4. Soon the top players will have to give City respect.
    Money may have been the “reason” 2 years ago, but now City have a real shot at titles.
    2010/11 stats for City show:
    2nd best Away Record
    3rd best Home Record.
    Tied for best defence in the PL.
    Tied on pts with Chelsea at 71pts each.
    …and of course the FA Cup win and Champs League.

    Sounds to me like City is a team on the up. Some will say City are buying the titles. I really don’t understand when this is said because:

    UTD just spent £57m on 3 players. An unproven (but great potential) Phil Jones for £20m A. Young and De Gea.

    Chelsea spent £50m on Torres and £25m on David Luiz.

    Liverpool spent £35m on Carrol and £22m on Suarez

    Barcelona spent £40m on David Villa and now offer £35m for Sanchez.

    Yet, the most expensive player City have bought to this point has been Robinho at £32m. After that the highest City have paid for a player has been £25m.
    City bought Robinho at the same time UTD bought Berbatov for £31m

    Going to City for money they say??? What about the other teams then?
    Lets not even mention Real Madrid lol 😀

  5. Good luck to Clichy, I wish him well. The real reason why he is leaving we’ll probably never now. Can’t help feeling though that the Arsenal supporters are partly to blame. They got on his back after THAT Birmingham game.

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